Smoky Quartz Specimen L359

Smoky Quartz Specimen L359 also available in showroom. Smoky Quartz is a colored variety of crystalline quartz. Our specimens are mined by hand in Mexico. Similar naturally beautifully home accessories include this onyx bowl and this onyx bowl, also available at Littlefield Home. Available in Atlanta’s ADAC showroom Suite 311


13 lbs, 14.5″W x 5″H x 7″D, lucite base included

Smoky Quartz Specimen L359 Design Inspiration:

Smoky Quartz Specimen L359 pairs well with Tritter Feefer Inc. furniture and Littlefield Home Artwork. Find more information regarding Fishtail Selenite here. See our Home Concepts page for interior design inspiration using Littlefield Home artwork, mineral specimens, onyx bowls, lamps and other luxury home accessories. 

Littlefield Home supports local Atlanta-based artists and all of the artwork featured in-store and online is original work created by artists in Atlanta.

Littlefield Home offers a variety of one-of-a-kind modern home accessories, artwork and mineral specimens available for  wholesale purchase. Our main focus is on the larger, decorator-size mineral specimens of fishtail selenite, quartz crystal, smoky quartz, dessert rose, onyx bowls, limestone, alabaster and obsidian. Whether you are searching for an amazing centerpiece for a dining table or the focal point of a living room, we always have a fresh selection of hand picked quality options available straight from the mines. 

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