Here’s why you should make your next Vacation a Rockhounding Trip

A French Vogue article from 2018 serves as an unusual roadmap through the geological treasures of the American West. The author, Par Annachiara Biondi, interviews jeweler and “rock hounder” Alison Jean Cole about her interest in mineral-specimen-hunting and the career she has built from this interest.

Inside the Art: Eve Slaughter

Next up on our weekly “Into the Art” blog-segment is Atlanta-based Artist Eve Slaughter, the creator behind these four nude paintings displayed on the Littlefield Home site and on the walls of the ADAC showroom. According to her personal website, Slaughter returned to her interest in fine arts “after a fifteen year career in the…

Inside the Art: Aaron Whitehouse

The next artists featured in our “Inside the Art” blog series is Atlanta-based painter Aaron Whitehouse who has also dabbled in film, music, and poetry. Two Aaron Whitehouse abstract paintings recently made their way into the ADAC showroom where they are displayed alongside Tritter Feefer Inc. furniture and Littlefield Home accessories. Whitehouse’s paintings are marked…

Inside the Art: Stephanie Wheeler

Today’s local artists spotlight falls on Stephanie Wheeler, whose unique marble abstracts have found a place within the art collection here at Little Home. According to Wheeler’s personal website, she creates “depth on canvas” through her exploration of “color relationships” present within her work. Wheeler calls this exploration a “color language” in which she is…


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