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Inside the Art: Eve Slaughter

Next up on our weekly “Into the Art” blog-segment is Atlanta-based Artist Eve Slaughter, the creator behind these four nude paintings displayed on the Littlefield Home site and on the walls of the ADAC showroom. According to her personal website, Slaughter returned to her interest in fine arts “after a fifteen year career in the commercial real estate industry.” Continue reading to find out more about Slaughter’s work and artistic practice.

Two of Slaughter’s gold-toned nudes (part of a series of 3) in Littlefield Home’s collection

Slaughter’s website states that she has “surrounded [herself] with the love of all things creative” for her entire life. Her love for art is evidenced by her college degree in Art History and Fine Arts. On her education, Slaughter says, “more life lessons were taught to me during these years than I would have ever expected” in the form of both art-making and collaborative critiques. It was during this time that Slaughter realized her passion for painting and collage, and learned to “know [her] strengths” and “thicken [her] skin” as an artist putting her creations out into the world.

The portfolio featured on Slaughter’s personal website showcases her ability to artfully render the human figure and her sophisticated use of both varied and monotone color-schemes. Slaughter is also adept at creating texture within her work. One piece, “Figure- Paper Collage on Canvas” depicts the back of a nude female figure constructed entirely out of small pieces of paper layered onto a canvas. Slaughter’s use of materiality in this piece allows her to achieve a vivid amount of depth and detail in the image she creates of the human body.

Slaughter’s “Figure- Paper Collage on Canvas” shown on her personal website

Other pieces included in Slaughter’s online portfolio are more similar to the pieces we have here at Littlefield Home and feature more abstract figures against painted, atmospheric backgrounds. Slaughter’s “Mixed Media- Acrylic and Paper Collage on Canvas” series offers a departure in color scheme and material from her other work. The 3-piece series depicts the back of a nude, standing female figure wearing a skirt created by a semi-sheer layer of paper or cloth against a bright pink and purple abstract background.

Slaughter’s “Mixed Media- Acrylic and Paper Collage on Canvas” series

Whether you’re looking for a darker-toned figural abstract painting, or a brighter-toned piece, look no further than local Atlanta artist Eve Slaughter’s body of work which is available at Littlefield Home both in-showroom and online.

Slaughter’s work is also available at Atlanta’s Jennifer Balcos Gallery.

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