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Inside the Art: Windell Dobson

As expressed in our Mission Statement on our “About” page, here at Littlefield Home we support local Atlanta-based artists and all of the artwork featured in-store and online is original work created by artists in Atlanta. One of these artists, Windell Dobson, is the talented creative behind five pieces of artwork we feature in the showroom and online. Read on to learn more about Dobson and his artistic practice.

According to an excerpt on, a Soundcloud for artists, “the work of contemporary visual artist Windell Dobson embodies a bold spirit that captivates the eye and commands the viewer’s full attention.” As his personal website attests, Dobson’s birthplace of Jamaica has had a profound impact on his work. The excerpt cites his first home as the influence behind Dobson’s “aesthetic vision and passion for color and design.” “Grounded in his Caribbean roots,” reads the excerpt, Dobwin’s art is “informed by his early childhood experiences in the Parish of Saint Catherine, Spanish Town, Jamaica.”

Parish of St. Catherine, Spanish Town, Jamaica
Inside the beautifully colored Parish of Saint Catherine

Additionally, the excerpt cites “Pablo Picasso and Jackson Polluck” and Dobson’s other artistic sources of inspiration, as evidenced by Dobson’s interest in abstraction and the use of limited color schemes.

The Milliner’s Workshop by Pablo Picasso
Convergence by Jackson Polluck

Two of Dobsons’s pieces featured on are colorful complements to his more monotone pieces, featured here at Littlefield Home:

Day Break by Windell Dobson
Parisian Fountain by Windell Dobson

As well as being featured on both the Littlefield Home and artcld websites, Dobson’s work can also be found on the Jennifer Balcos Gallery website.

Shadow Box Abstract by Dobson, which appears on the Jennifer Balcos Gallery website

Dobson’s personal website states that his work “expresses a well seasoned approach that demonstrates his interplay of monochromatic color and form.” This unique interplay is especially apparent in Dobson’s Framed Abstract and in this original piece.

If you’re looking to add a new piece of artwork to brighten up your interior, check out Dobson’s website, which offers inspiration and photographs of his work within interior spaces.

If you’re simply looking for creative inspiration, look no further than the top of Dobson’s first webpage, which features the following original quote:

“Art is life in its purest form.”

– Windell Dobson

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