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Are you a believer?

While Littlefield Home specializes in the commercial and aesthetic value of minerals and rarely dabbles in their occult associations, we’re breaking tradition to bring attention to one especially strange and spiritual specimen. With Halloween right around the corner, such a departure feels not only permissible but also timely. As we near the end of a considerably sober year marked by world-wide anxiety, it’s important to allow ourselves to revel in the Extraordinary and the Bizarre and to escape from reality every now and then. No, this post isn’t about black holes (perhaps the most extreme form of escapism), but rather something that may have come out of a black hole.

Today we’re talking about the Lemurian Seed Crystal Cluster, also known as the Lemurian Quartz, which is considered by some to be a “stone of special power.” An article on explains the…unique…history of the Lemurian Seed Crystal. The article describes how the crystals are believed by some to have been programmed or infused with mystical powers by a small race of otherworldly beings called the Lemurians. According to the article, the Lemurians lived on a tiny island believed to be in the Pacific Ocean which sunk around the turn of the millennium. In a Titanic-like series of events, the island completely disappeared underwater and the few Lemurians who survived eventually reached a landmass. This landmass–lucky for the Lemurians!–ended up being non other than California. It seems that the Lemurians who swam ashore were able to bring their powerful crystals with them, but, out of fear that the powerful crystals would be stolen, they buried them at the foot of Mt. Shasta–roughly 200 miles from modern-day San Francisco. With the crystals buried and protected, the Lemurians Mt. Shasta their home. Norcal must have been a dramatic upgrade to the Lemurian’s previous home–now the Lemurians had both sea and mountains–they could go surfing and skiing in the same day!

California’s Mt. Shasta, where the Lemurians are believed to have lived. Find more info on Lemurian’s new home here.

The article details the spiritual importance of the crystals: “the Lemurians programmed these crystals with their spiritual knowledge and energy.” It is unclear, however, exactly what this “knowledge and energy” is. The article sites “unity,” “consciousness,” and “love” as important yet vague qualities that the Lemurians believed in and may have programmed into their Seed Crystals.

Screenshot of a Google Images Search which reveals a wide variety of Lemurian depictions.

If you find yourself in possession of a Lemurian Seed Crsystal and aren’t quite content with letting the specimen be only a decorative element in your home, the article instructs readers to hold the their crystals up to their “third eye chakra” in order to let their “spirit awaken.” If you’re unafraid of letting your “spirit awaken”–a fun Halloween-night alternative to the popular Ouija Board–but have no earthly idea how to locate your third eye chakra, don’t worry! The Lemurians had no earthly idea how to do this either because they were not of this earth (explore alien connotations here). To save you the trouble, I’ve googled “How to find your Third Eye Chakra” and an in-depth tutorial can be found here.

Image of the Third Eye Chakra, which might not have anything to do with your actual eyes.

Lemurian Seed Crystals, which are clear and linear and appearance, are not to be confused with the more common quartz or selenite, such as those we have here at Littlefield Home. This is due to one deceptively non-scientific reason: Lemurian Crystals never need to be cleaned. While other mineral specimens might need to be dusted off and polished off every once in a while, tackling a Lemurian Crystal with a Brillo pad is ruled foul-play by members of The Crystal Council. This is because cleansing a Lemurian crystal will erase “the information that is already infused into them by Lemurians.”

What is this information, exactly?

It is still unclear.

Only one thing is for certain: Lemurian Crystals’ translucent compositions aren’t nearly as foggy as their complex history. If you happen to come across a Lemurian Crystal, whether you’re mining on Mt. Shasta by the light of a full moon or exploring your local mineral vendor’s collections, be sure to hold onto it! A Lemurian Crystal serves both as a stunning piece of decor and as an exceptional cocktail party conversation starter.

And if you’re looking for a Halloween costume idea, why not be a Lemurian this year?

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