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Five Ways to Decorate with Barnacle Bowls

Here at Littlefield Home, we’ve recently added Barnacle Bowls to our product line. Our Barnacle Bowls are formed from terra cotta which has been shaped into large vessels and adorned with barnacle-detailing which lines the sides and rim of each bowl. We currently have three of these unique Barnacle Bowls for sale on the showroom floor and online! Our Barnacle Bowls can be displayed as empty decorative vessels, or filled with a complementary, decorative accent. Read on for the top five ideas on what to put inside your barnacle bowl.

1.Willow Branches: Add a soft, whimsical touch to your barnacle bowl. The first image featured in this post shows a barnacle bowl in the showroom filled with thicker willow branches than those shown above. Both options add a feeling of natural playfulness to any interior.

2.Oyster Sticks: Typically used for farming oysters, Oyster sticks offer a second life as interior accessories. Not only is this option sustainable, but the unique history of the oyster sticks acts as a unique conversation starter.

3.Tobacco Sticks: Formerly used for drying Tobacco, these sticks are similar to Oyster sticks in that they possess an interesting past life. Depending on the extent to which they were used in their previous lives, tobacco sticks possesses varying red-brown hues which provide a beautiful contrast to the cooler-toned barnacle bowl.

4.Aspen Branches: Similar to Willow branches, Aspen branches provide a beautiful natural touch to your interior. Unlike any of the options listed above, aspen branches share a cool-toned hue nearly identical to the grey-white hue of the barnacle bowl. Thus, aspen branches placed within with a barnacle bowl create a unique blend of forest and beach, and a calming sense of uniformity.

Terra Cotta planter (sans barnacle details) used as an outdoor planter.

5. Plants: So long as you live in a tropical climate, your barnacle bowl can be placed outside in either a covered or uncovered space and used as a planter. If you don’t live in a warm climate, opt to keep your barnacle bowl-planter in a covered place to protect it from the harsher climate. Green, leafy foliage pairs especially well with Littlefield Home’s barnacle Bowls, as the green color contrasts nicely with the gray of the bowl and the texture of leaves complements the texture of the bowls’ barnacle detailing.

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