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3 Ways to Decorate with Onyx Bowls

Several week ago, a customer who was looking at an onyx bowl in our ADAC showroom asked, “What should I put inside it?” Although not many customers have vocalized this question, I’m sure many have been wondering the same thing. The inquiry caught me off-guard, because I wasn’t sure of the answer. Most of the onyx bowls displayed in our showroom and seen online are empty to allow customers to fully appreciate every inch of the natural minerals’ beauty. One bowl in our showroom is filled with small crystals pellets which look like ice cubes (see above image). Further research, however, suggests that there several common methods of filling onyx bowls and a multitude of other ways to decorate with them. Here are the top three:

1. Fill with Moss: Mossy material can be found anywhere, from luxury home decor companies to your local hobby shop. Fill your onyx bowl with moss to bolster its natural beauty.

2. Fill it with small plants and nature-oriented decor: A variation of the moss idea, the following photograph shows two small scale onyx bowls filled with tiny leafy plants and styrofoam balls covered in moss.

3. Fill it with holiday-themed potpourri: Just in time for the upcoming holiday season! The photograph below shows a small-scale onyx bowl filled with natural, winter themed flora. Painted pinecones that give the illusion of being dusted with snow, coupled with carved wood pieces and pine-straw perfectly combine to create a unique autumnal centerpiece. This combination would work best with an icy-hued onyx bowl, such Littlefield Home’s White Onyx Canoe Bowl.

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