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Decorating with Minerals 101

“Mineral mania has hit the design word,” writes Kate Simmons in a Decoist article entitled, “Let it Sparkle: Decorating with Minerals.” Simmons is certainly correct, as proven by Littlefield Home’s diverse selection of decorative luxury mineral home accessories available for retail and wholesale purchase. Simmons describes the allure of minerals as home decor–they’re “unusual conversation pieces” that “have a magical quality.” The biggest benefit of minerals, Simmons argues, is their versatility.

Simmons is right abut this too! The timeless quality of minerals–which have been in existence since Pre-history–make them the ideal addition to rooms of any style or historical period. In her article, Simmons explores the uses of Malachite, Crystalline Quartz, and the broader category of “Mineral Specimens,” the later two of which can be found right here on the Littlefield Home website! Design-inspiration images included within Simmons’s article depicts Malachite obelisks towering over a midcentury sofa to achieve a vintage, regal aesthetic. Another image shows crystal quartz lamps much like our own Nico Lamps balanced on wood side tables flanking a classic-style white bed in what appears to be a master bedroom. Simmons even acknowledges a way in which mineral specimens can be used in more unusual rooms, such as a library. Simmons shows a black smoky quartz specimen much like our own specimen L361 sitting on top of a stack of antique books as a decorative paperweight–the luster of the mineral’s surface provides a striking juxtaposition to the dusty surface of the old books.

Malachite Obelisks seen to left side of image.

Already own an LH LLC Mineral Specimen, Onyx Bowl, or lamp? Check out Simmons’s article to find more inspiration for your decorative luxury minerals.

Crystalline Quartz Lamps which resemble our Nico Lamps.

Considering purchasing an LH LLC Mineral Specimen, Onyx Bowl, or lamp? Scroll through images featured in Simmons’s article to realize the vast array of interior in which you could utilize decorative minerals. As Simmons exclaims, “they’re versatile!” which makes also means they’re a great investment.

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