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Embark on a Virtual Adventure with Mineral Explorers

These days, we can’t travel internationally, which means that visiting the Giant Crystal Mine in Naica, Mexico isn’t possible (if you missed our last blog post on Giant Crystal Mine, check it out here). Domestic travel, however, is possible (in accordance with pandemic-posed safety measures), along with one of the best things to come out of the twenty-first century–virtual travel.

Certified mineral-expert and all-around adventurer Thomas Nagin invites home-bound viewers to travel virtually to domestic and international locations in his YouTube series, Mineral Explorers, in which he scours both remote and nearby corners of the world in search of gems, crystals, and minerals. Nagin is an entertaining and much-needed modern-day Indiana Jones, and his travels and discoveries are sure to educate and inspire. Not to mention he sources and sells minerals to Littlefield Home!

Season 1 of Mineral Explorers includes 6 episodes which take viewers to Mexico, Arkansas, Brazil, and Columbia.

Episode 4 takes viewers to Brazil, where Nagin learns how Quartz Crystals are mined.
In Episode 5, Nagin stays in the USA and explores a Quartz Mine in Arkansas.

If quarantine’s given you the travel bug and you’re interested in learned more about where some of Littlefield Home’s mineral specimens come from, be sure to binge-watch Mineral Explorers!

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